Testing visible parts is our profession !

Imagine a laboratory that listens to your needs.

- A comprehensive machine facility,
- A friendly team,
- Manufacturer self-approvals,
- A new research tax credit approval
and you will obtain the ideal partner
for your development requirements...

Visual tests

Behaviour of parts
over time:

Do you wish to forecast the behaviour
of your parts over time?
We can offer you the appropriate
standard solution and advise you on
the ageing periods to be applied.

The automotive sector

Do you have full technical specifications to be

As soon as you have received your approval, we can rapidly
offer you a detailed schedule of all of your tests and one of our
technicians will contact you in person as soon as we receive
the parts.
We have Renault Self-Approval for all tests on vehicle interiors
and exteriors and we are recognised by all manufacturers.

Our manufacturer partners

Let’s meet us!

Would you like to realize some tests? We are entirely at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact us…